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Nessa: Hey MI DUCK!! awww man we've had good ass times...all of us the subway ride home from noah's play...holy shit we were so loud n yelled at those chicks in the front row...well it was need those stupid bitches kept looking at us. Ahh all our heros the liste continues to grow...hunnay bunnay I luff u soooo much we all got plans everybody *SUMMER....SHORTS....CAMPING IN THE BACKYARD...NOAH'S BOAT PARTIES* be there!!!! anyways Bff!

Jo: hey hunni! omg shopping with teh 4 of us is sooo great!!! The pictures were so hilarious....remember that little kid u scared at spadina *boom* HIIIII:>...and the way u can't do the different faces lol! ttc trips r fun. No worries about jimmy he's an ASSHOLE!!! U slam that door in his face damn stright!! she;s such a hoe I can;t belive how scared she is of us lil old us hehe(6)!!! Shopping for beads was kool I'm glad I didn't mike anything for his b-day didnt deserve it stupid jackass, those goth stores were so cool! I want that pleated skirt!! STREET MEAT ew every1 smelt like onion cept for me:> yay go team! you: Round n round n round it goes where it stop nobody knows...who says that? me:Josephine made it up!! you: who's Josephine...you mean the butterfly?? us: Jo who's Josephine the butterfly you: I dunno buh she talks to me haha wow we were sooo tired! OH NO YOUR CROTCH IS RUNNING AWAY!! you: Wut just happened? Me: I dunno I wasn't listening you: I dunoo I was too busy laughing into your crotch! HOLY POO ON TOAST!! Ur bachelerette party haha the 2 coolers the mickey and sum kaulua....Nessa = the Polish hooker me= Australian whore Tina = Russian slut you= German Sleeze..."you will crash *poof*", MFLOW?? MEOW U IDIOT wow I'm blonde...Sugar and spice a head full of lice those t-shirts were quite interesting!! You guys r the best drunks ever I swear! Emily was crazy tho ahaha the hickeys! oy vay I'm hickey free:) yes I helped u clean up lol luv ya chicky

My lil claire bear: hehe hey hunnnnay wow jo's party was great haha u totally spilt that beer all over my head oh well it's suppoed to be good for utr hair right. Careers is sooo totally broing espcially when u have you kno who in our class which makes everything so much more boob-a-licious...:S ack andrew "ED is the best" I'm never watching that movies with him ever again haha ur so mean to that chick in our class " WELL SHE LOOKS LIKE SHE'S 10!!!!" haha it's tru tho...n gym oyu vay badminton is so retarded cept we find ways to make it fun "CHICKEN SALAD!!! QUESDILLA!!!" I luv dem ghosty shorts...oh my god i HATE PLAYING BADMINTON WITH THOPSE TWO they make up theri own goddamn rules!! anyways I haven't known ya for a long time buh ur a kool kat luv ya chicky!

Jeremie: aww hun what do we have ta say to you....we have sum pretty good times mainly drunk ones buh styll they were good that's all that counts. We've laughed, we've cried, done pretty much all of it together in the half a year we;ve known each other. Garbage can incidents....blow drying my/chantals ass on new years eve...bending over at the bus stop..ripping of chantals pants it was all good. I don;t think we'll ever forget chantal puking on halloween, we wanna say thanx for always being there for us ur one of the best hopefully we'll be friends for lyfe....Love ya!