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Since I did this page the first time a lot has changed in my life. Friends have come and gone, season's have canged, and I've moved...several times...lol...what can I say, I can't be in one place too long. What else is new? I've matured a bit, not too much though, then it just wouldn't be me anymore. Anyways, I've changed the page...check it out!

Love Always & Forever



yummy bummy!


   My best friend/cousin/sister is Chantal aka Telly aka BELLAY! lmao! I love her with all my heart and she is the main reason I came back to Toronto(even tho I hate this fucking city) and she is also one of the reasons I'm still alive. She's always there for me, even when she doesn't quite like the situaltion. I try my hardest to be there for her but I'm not as good at it as she is. I tihnk she was a phyciatrist in her past life or something.

Me n Bina
at 7 30 in the mornin



When I have A Kid i want
her to be just like bina!

This is Me....I was drunk...lol
I couldnt get up so i was happy there!

This would be my page!
Which means
I can put whatever the
fuck i want on it
without talking toTelly
about it...
I'm sure hers is way
more exciting than
mine buh meh we all
have different tastes.
Anyways take a look around,
and have fun or w/e it is you do
when you look at a website!


Family Family WEEEEE are ONEEEEE

This is my baby sister! She think's
shes cool...buh i still love her!




Yes I stole this frum Telly, but it's a good idea seeing as I absolutly no idea what to put on this site! So here's some stuff you probably don't need to know about me!
Name: Victoria Grace Bailey
Nicknames: Torie, White Girl, Toria, TT, T, Lil Highness, Rocker grl (even tho I aint really a rocker), Gracey<<---i like that one
Age: 16
Fav Things: Drinking, Partying, Animals, Harleys, Monkeys, Art/Drawing, Writting(anything),
Best Friends: Telly and Lyndze 

Important peoples: Telly, Missa, My Dad, Nikki, My Mom, Aunty Chrissy, and Bina
Fav Music: Just about everything...except like bluegrass and like i uno alot of rap i don't like all that much
Fav Movies: American History X, 28 Days, Thisrteen, Girl Interupted (the last 3 remind me of miself....not sure if thats a good thing tho)
Piercings: 8...for now

This is my mostest favouritest
grl in the world DUDE!



It's time for An-i-man-i-acs
And we're zany to the max
So just sit back and relax
You'll laugh till you collapse
We're An-i-man-i-acs


This be Telly...I love her
I hope she loves me or mi love is pointless!

Down here is where all my writtings and shit will be...cuz yeah they're not that important and if you do want to see em at least they're here....

When the tears fall, and I feel small, like theres no where to run, and my life is done, Ill come to you, and tell you why I'm blue. Your the only one who knows me, the real, one and only. You're my sunshine on a cloudy day, you help me, and make the pain go away.

When I'm sad, you help me smile, make me feel so worth while. You help me laugh, put the madness in the past. Thank you baby, where I'd be without you lately.

When I feel like I have no reason to go on, I remember how I have to be strong, not only for you, God, and myself, but also for friends like me who's lives sit like a book on a dusty shelf.

When I cry, I want to feel beauty not shame, for there must be a reason, that I could blame. When Im sad, I want to feel like its okay to cry, sanity important, I dont want to die. When I'm upset, I want to fly, to keep them from hurting me

I don't ever want the pills to come back, the strength by myself, I know that I lack. Sometimes I find a knife in my hand, feel the shame, and hurt expand. I can and I will survive, try not to question God why. Courage, and faith is what I need, Im not giving up, I will believe.


I Understand Now

I gave my body and never my soul
I never learned to trust
Or be in control
I would always hide
Wanting someone by my side
But all along
Never telling anyone what was going on

Inside my head's a mess of thoughts
Never what anyone wants
But life isn't about what you want
And it never will be

I understand now
Cuz I can only be me